'Diet avocados' are a thing and millenials have officially taken over

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The Avocado Light, made by Eurobanan's Isla Bonita brand, is described as having a "mild flavor" and a "juicier and lighter pulp", making it ideal for smoothies, cold soups and cocktails.

It's hard advice to follow as avocados don't keep longer than a day because they quickly turn brown, which can lead to food waste.

Many are sceptical of the diet fruit, and wonder why it was necessary. The Avocado Light is an exclusive variety grown in Latin America under specific climatic and soil conditions to provide all the nutritional benefits of a regular avocado but with 30 per cent less fat.

Avocado Light debuts in Madrid in late October. The different climates produce different types of avocados.

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You can still make guacamole with it and even mash it up on Al Roker's favorite avocado toast. or even add it into an avocado latte.

But the news that there is now a lighter, less fatty version of the world's favourite fruit has delighted fans on social media, who have been sharing the news in their thousands - which hopefully means they will launch elsewhere in the world very soon.

For those disappointed that Avocado Light is not yet slated to come stateside, we actually already have one of our own. Slimcado, an avocado produced in Florida, has already been around for years and it, too, promises a "light" taste.as well as half the fat and a third fewer calories than the traditional avocado.

"The fat that is in avocado is actually healthy for your heart and has been shown to help lower LDL (bad) cholesterol", said Bonnie Taub-Dix, "Better than Dieting" creator and "Read It Before You Eat It".