Stephen Curry slams recent Sports Illustrated cover: 'That was terrible'

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The controversial cover, released Tuesday, features 10 sports figures who have spoken out about social injustice and/or participated in taking-a-knee protests during the national anthem at NFL games in the aftermath of President Donald Trump's vitriolic rhetoric, including his referring to an NFL player who protests by taking a knee during the anthem as a "son of a bitch". As a result, Curry, who had his invitation to visit the White House revoked by POTUS after saying he didn't want to go in the first place, ended up in the middle of a Sports Illustrated cover that cobbled together a bunch of players and owners into an image that made it look like they were locking arms in unity. But nowhere to be seen is Kaepernick, whose decision to kneel during the national anthem propelled him into the national spotlight and has even arguably kept him out of the NFL as teams have refused to sign him since he became a free agent.

Stephen Curry thinks that it's "terrible" that the latest Sports Illustrated magazine left off Colin Kaepernick, expressing his feelings after the Warriors practice on Wednesday. "The real people that understand exactly what's been going on and who's really been active and vocal and truly making a difference, if you don't have Kaepernick front and center on that, there's something wrong".

"It's just kind of capitalizing on the hoopla and the media and all that nonsense", Curry told the San Francisco Chronicle's Connor Letourneau.

Curry had said earlier in the week that he would not visit because of Trump.

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"Me (linked arms with) Roger Goodell?". Which, I guess, could make sense in some weird way. "He had the most on-the-fence comment", Curry added, according to The Athletic.

Who can blame Curry for wanting to be excluded from this narrative? He, Kerr and several other Warriors have also been vocal in their distaste for Trump's politics and his actions. "If the article is about activism in sports, how is Kaepernick not on the cover?"

"He's the guy who started it all".