How to Fix Poor iPhone 8 Performance

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Even the iPhone 8 Plus has a smaller battery than the iPhone 7 Plus.

This is exactly what some early buyers of the iPhone 8 have experienced. The iPhone X comes with a screen that almost entirely covers its face, and supports a new facial-scanning technology Apple is calling Face ID.

Apple's stock has slumped since details of the phone came out on September 12, off by about five per cent since then. To purchase the iPhone 7 now means a lot of those issues have likely been resolved through software and manufacturing updates.

I feel like it wouldn't be an iPhone launch if there wasn't some sort of problem that needed to be fixed, and the iPhone 8 has just that.

In a statement, the Cupertino giant first clarified that all iPhone 8 units are not affected by the "crackling" sound issue.

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Many people on Apple's support forum, MacRumors forums, and Reddit reported experiencing the problem. It's the same as the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

The problem has been known about on Apple news groups for a while now, but so far there has been no actual study into it, or any confirmation of the problem from Jobs' Mob.

The iPhone 8 may come with some of the most advanced tech in the industry, but one of its simplest components is failing for some users. The leaked images revealed that the 10th-anniversary iPhone includes 3GB RAM, the same as the iPhone 8 Plus. "Most of those camping outside unlocked-device outlets are presumably hardcore Apple fans and heavy users, whose plan this year is to gear up for the iPhone X".

Doesn't anyone find it amusing that only Apple's iPhones experience production problems every year with the Taiwan supply chain?

The iPhone 8 hasn't been hit by such problems, with many models available immediately now. While Apple claims that the iPhone 8 is made of the strongest glass the company has ever produced, several drop tests have shown the smartphone doesn't fare well against concrete.