Atlus Issues DMCA Takedown Order for Emulated Persona 5

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After a bit of to and fro-ing, with Patreon itself involved, the issue boiled down to RPCS3 showing others how to remove DRM from Persona 5, which is naughty so the concerns are fair enough.

In a statement, Atlus say they issued the takedown because they don't want fans' first experiences of their games to involve framerate drops, crashes, and other platform-sensitive bugs arising from emulation. Some people have noticed that every mention of Persona 5 has been removed from every page on, including the compatibility list.

This follows statements from Sega at E3 this year, which suggested none of Atlus USA's back catalogue was off the table for a PC port (Atlus USA merged with Sega of America last year, meaning Sega took over publishing duties in North America).

"We appreciate the awareness generated by the emulation community for Persona 5", Atlus said. Moreover, Atlus acknowledged the interest for a PC version and claimed that while it does not have anything to announce today, it is listening to its fanbase. Atlus stated that while the PS3 emulator did not infringe on their rights, no version of Persona 5 should be playable on the platform. RPCS3, a popular PS3 emulator for PCs, has been promoting that their program is compatible with Persona 5.

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As the takedown notice also requests for the Patreon page of RPCS3 to be closed down, something the site has refused to do, the emulator could be in for a rough few months. Atlus further stated that it is aware of the buzz within the emulation community regarding Persona 5, but if its content is available on formats it was never meant to be on, it will hurt its ability to offer new content, as support for the new audience will be diverted to such platforms.

More interestingly, Atlus added they have heard the cry from PC gamers to be given an opportunity to play "Persona 5" on their computers, and are listening.

"Unfortunately, when our content is illegally circumvented and potentially made available for free, in a format we do not think delivers the experience and quality we intend, it undermines our ability to do so by diverting potential support from new audiences". "This seems to have resolved the situation".

What's especially interesting here is how wide Atlus aimed with its DMCA takedown attempt, shooting not so much to stop people from talking about or emulating Persona 5 on PC but to stop anyone from financially supporting (via Patreon, at least) the RPCS3 emulation group at all.