Land Rover To Launch New Model Line Under Road Rover Name

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This new line of vehicles, dubbed Road Rover, will share its components with the next Jaguar XJ, and is expected to pack enough batteries for a range of "at least 300 miles, " Autocar reports.

An all-electric model will arrive first. One of its primary targets?

Driven by the ongoing SUV boom, the first Road Rover model is tipped to be closer in concept to a crossover vehicle rather than a fully-fledged SUV and will be positioned as a high-end model aimed at vehicles like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and Audi A8 in terms of size and positioning. Obviously the bull's-eye is Tesla, as well as Porsche's upcoming Mission E, which is also due to launch around the same time. With Road Rover, JLR is looking to introduce all-new vehicle segments to attract more buyers - something it did with the Evoque and the recently released Velar.

The hackathon will take place around the theme of "smart mobility", and will feature two specific challenges for developers: a mobile app that will incentivise auto sharing, with the aim of decreasing overall vehicle emissions; and a seamless solution for multi-modal transport planning, uniting train and bus timetables, city bike schemes and other useful information within a single interface. In the 1950's, the name belonged to a short-lived experimental model between the original Land Rover and Rover cars.

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To the Land Rover past, the Road Rover name harks back.

British off-road icon Land Rover looks set to add a new Road Rover division to its portfolio with a greater emphasis on road-going dynamics, according to reports out of the UK. The added capability won't come at the expensive of on-road performance, however, with the electric motors aiding in handling performance and also enabling a 0-60 miles per hour sprint of around 5 seconds.

This sub-brand would slot into Jaguar Land Rover's existing lineup to allow Jaguar to become a performance orientated brand and ensure that Land Rover and the luxury focused Range Rover's off-road pedigree stays intact.