Ataribox will be AMD-powered, Linux-based, and cost $250-$300

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Atari's newest console is a modern take on the popular late 1970s console, the Atari 2600.

The Ataribox will arrive with a large library of publisher's classic games. In its latest newsletter, Atari has now confirmed that the device will be completely AMD-powered, boasting an "AMD customized processor, with Radeon Graphics technology".

"People are used to the flexibility of a PC, but most connected TV devices have closed systems and content stores", Mac tells VentureBeat.

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Interestingly, the Ataribox will be Linux-based, with a fully customizable interface. Outside of gaming, users will be able to browse the web, post to social media, stream videos, listen to music, and more. "Linux lets us be more open; you can access and customise the OS, and you can access games you've bought from other content platforms (if compatible with the OS and HW)", reads the email. The developers promise "tons" of classic Atari games will be pre-loaded on the device. One of the models will be a wood edition built with real wood.

Speaking to VentureBeat, the Ataribox creator and general manager Feargal Mac says an Indiegogo funding campaign will launch this year, and that the final product will ship in spring of 2018. There will also be various special editions and memory configurations to choose from.

Apparently, the Ataribox is expected to launch at between $249 and $299 in the United States next Spring (£185 to £222).