Foo Fighters prove they are here to stay with 'Concrete and Gold'

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Foo Fighters' ninth album comes after Grohl's infamous accident during a 2015 concert in Sweden when he fell off the stage breaking his leg. Paramedics brought him a chair as requested, and he finished the show with an elevated leg.

For Foo Fighters fans that can not get enough of the band's sound fear not, "Concrete and Gold" offers a reliable sense of nostalgia that relives past albums. It's the backbone of the song and keeps it from turning into a mid-tempo slog, which has been an issue for a lot of newer Foo Fighters material. You can view a selection of them and have a listen to the song for yourself below.

The rock group's ninth studio album has generated 43,000 combined chart sales so far this week, and is now outselling the rest of the Top 10 combined.

"The Sky Is a Neighborhood" is another solid cut, with Grohl's rougher vocals again being the highlight of the song. With guitar riffs and a slowed-down chorus so the listener can take in Grohl's voice, the song is similar to numerous band's other hits. By now, Grohl has matured: he's grown a stylish goatee, and he wears pre-distressed t-shirts and designer flannels with tight black jeans, as a rock star should. The name suits the band's sonic mix of hard, grungy rock - which carries the tone of Grohl's former fame. Although Kurstin has worked exclusively with pop acts like Adele, Kelly Clarkson and Sia, frontman and lead singer David Grohl expressed how working together would be a fun challenge and could move the band's sound in different directions. Justin Timberlake is featured on the hard rock standard, "Make It Right", and Paul McCartney plays drums on the sweet-sounding "Sunday Rain".

The Foo Fighters have been called rock's most consistent group, as they have been able to turn out stadium-worthy record after stadium-worthy record since their inception.

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The title track "Concrete and Gold" conversely suffers from a painful slowness, transporting the listener into an inescapable pit of tar.

The rest of the Foo Fighters' discography just makes this album look lackluster. "It's amusing, our nanny was there and she came into the room with the kids and I said, 'This is Harry, ' and it took her five or six minutes before she realised it was the prince of England".

There is little doubt Concrete and Gold will be a stranger to success, as Foo Fighters continuously peaks the charts.

Foo Fighters also followed in the trend of older bands seizing the unfavorable political climate as an opportunity to make courageous statements in the form of music.

There are moments on this album that live up to the Foo Fighters' legacy. Being the headliners at Lollapalooza this year, Foo Fighters bet on a classical opening song - "I'll Stick Around" from their first self-titled album "Foo Fighters" released in 1995, quite an energetic track to fire up the crowd and set the mood for what was about to come.