'Donald Trump Has A Way Of Clarifying One's Life Choices'

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However, Kelly wasn't ready to give up her professional ambitions and ventured to NBC News, where she was given the opportunity to host a morning show at 9:00 a.m. called "Megyn Kelly Today".

"Yea", said Ellen, before explaining why - Watch below! In her past year hosting "The Kelly File" on Fox News, Trump's actions as a candidate showed her that she did not want to stay.

Kelly said she pursued journalism to report the news, not because of a love for politics, but she found that prime time focuses nearly entirely on political matters.

When asked if she would ever have President Trump on her NBC show, Kelly told DeGeneres she would, adding: 'I would not say no to the sitting president of the United States, I mean, would you?' "That was true in my case, too. It wasn't the life I wanted".

When Kelly returned the question, Ellen did not hesitate to say no, which elicited quite the reaction from both Kelly and the audience.

"Just as I was wondering where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do, the universe came and showed.me what I wanted to do".

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Fortunately, journalist Megyn Kelly may have just nailed what it takes, as a woman, to "have it all".

Despite the awe-inspiring level of success she achieved with "The Kelly File", it was a position that ultimately made her choose to walk away from a reported $20 million contract to pursue another job - being a mom.

As she stated when she first signed with NBC News, Kelly said that being with her family more was a driving force behind her decision to leave prime time.

At the same time, working in what she describes as the "snake pit" of cable news wasn't her calling.

"I didn't want to be in the snakepit". "But it has a way of pulling you in over and over and over and that becomes your life and then this wasn't the life I wanted, and then the boycott ... which they did not, by the way, my ratings only went up during the year of Trump".

"I feel less stressed, and less distant from the things that matter to me - my husband and my children", Kelly admitted to PEOPLE. Kelly said. "We knew he was going to behave this way, however at the beginning of his presidency, I said lets keep an open mind at least. It was just a clarification and an affirmation that I did not want to live like this".