Overwatch's Ana and Junkrat are Heroes of the Storm's next two characters

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The two characters will join other hero skins including Commandant Varian, Destroyer D.Va and Shrike Ana. However, at the Heroes Global Championship, Blizzard announced that Ana and Junkrat will soon make that number seven.

Okay, so with that disclaimer out of the way, here's the stuff that's coming: Ana, Junkrat, a new battleground framed around Volskaya Industries, and a Pachimari (that cute little mascot) quest. But remember that Junkrat is a defensive player within Overwatch, whose attacks deal splash damage galore. The last Overwatch map in Heroes of the Storm, Hanamura, has also been removed for improvements. The map also features brand-new objective, unique mercenaries, and snow-covered city. Players will need to take control of the points by standing on them, with the progress of taking over a control point interrupted if enemies arrive. Players will battle over three Overwatch-style capture points, the reward for which is a giant rocket-punching robot that must be piloted by two players. Two players form the successful team will control the mech similar to the two-player character of Heroes of the Storm Cho'Gall.

So we're all D.Va mains in Heroes now, right?

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Ana and the new Volskaya Battleground are planned to hit the HotS PTR next week, while Junkrat will be joining at a later date.

That won't be the only way to access the Triglav Protector however, and Blizzard is introducing a new Brawl mode named Bash 'em Smash 'em Robots where players will compete in a single lane while operating the giant mechs.