Nintendo releases first Doom Nintendo Switch gameplay footage

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The Switch keeps moving at a brisk clip according to this month's U.S. physical sales survey from the NPD Group.

In another news, if you decide to purchase a physical format of DOOM on Nintendo Switch then I would like you to take a note that the DOOM cartridges will only have the single-player portion of the game. Exact figures were not provided, though the Switch has been the top selling platform in the United States for four of its six months of sale. The two months it missed the mark, the PlayStation 4 won out. Overall gaming hardware sales dropped 6% to $168 million from the same month a year ago, NPD estimates, owing to flagging sales in previous-generation devices including Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Sony's PlayStation 3. The Xbox One lags behind thanks to many people waiting until the release of the Xbox One X.

The NPD Group's findings show that when the Nintendo Switch is in stock, it flies off the shelves.

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There have been allegations that Nintendo is purposely limiting the Nintendo Switch supply to keep the hype for the hybrid console at peak levels, but according to the company, the supply crunch is not intentional.

Nintendo of America has produced a brand-new commercial for the Nintendo Switch for the Fall season.