Dragon Ball FighterZ Closed Beta Begins Today

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New characters for the upcoming fighting game Dragon Ball FighterZ have been revealed in November's issue of V-Jump in Japan.

The character was revealed in the latest scan of V Jump magazine (via Kotaku). It's now unknown what exact role Android 21 will play in the story, but it's said she's an integral figure to the story. She'll play a big role in the game's main story mode that tells a "What If" story featuring Android 16.

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Not to be outdone by the newcomer, Namco Bandai also confirmed that the longstanding Dragon Ball duo of Tien and Yamcha will be joining the final roster. Even then, the fighter's inclusion comes as little surprise after the voice actor behind Yamcha confirmed his role Dragon Ball FighterZ. Meanwhile, Tien will have his Neo Tri-Beam attack, a special blast that distinguishes itself from the hundreds of other Ki blasts in the series by virtue of travelling in the shape of a triangle. Also pictured is Chaozu, who will be featured in the game as an assist character. The 2.5D fighting video game is slated for release in February 2018. Still, there are a number of obscure characters that would make for wonderful additions to Dragon Ball FighterZ, especially since numerous mainstays have now found their way into the final game in one fashion or another. That's right, one of the most bad-arse Z fighters of all time has been side-lined as Tien's side-kick, possibly only to be called on to self-destruct himself when the going gets tough.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will release for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC by way of Steam in early 2018.