British Airways plane searched at Paris airport after 'security alert'

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A British Airways flight from Paris was evacuated at Charles de Gaulle airport here on Sunday for security reasons after passengers were told a "direct threat" had been made towards the aircraft.

One person on board said the security incident was apparently sparked by an individual making a "direct threat" to flight BA 303 to Heathrow Airport.

"On British Airways Flight BA0303, now being held on tarmac at Paris due to security threat, surrounded by police and fire vehicles", Anderson wrote.

Passengers were escorted onto the tarmac of Charles de Gualle airport by armed cops where they were rigorously searched and their luggage checked by sniffer dogs. We will all be led off the aircraft and baggage searched in due course.

After an initial search was given the all clear, passengers are being put through X-rays and body scanners by armed officers. "Now hold luggage being searched by dogs".

Passeners were informed shortly before take off that a "direct threat" had been made against the aiport.

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The plane was due to depart the airport at 7.25am this morning.

James told that initially the pilot said there were technical issues as the plane was held on the runway for an hour.

Anderson told CNN they had no new updates from officials and passengers are re-boarding the aircraft. "Then they noticed police and fire engines quickly surround the plane and dozens of armed officers and firefighters got out", Anderson tweeted.

Police said a security alert on a British Airways plane in Paris on Sunday was a false alarm.

The airline stressed that the additional security checks had been carried out merely as a precaution and added they would never allow a flight to take off unless it was safe to do so.

An 18-year-old man and a 21-year-old man have been arrested in connection with the bomb attack.