AppleCare+ News: Apple Increases Prices of Extended Warranty Coverage

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According to reports, Apple has increased the prices for its AppleCare+ coverage for Plus-series phones like the 8 Plus, 7 Plus, and 6S Plus as the service now costs $149 from its previous price of $129.

However, Apple has also hiked the prices for out-of-service repairs of the older model iPhones that are not covered by its AppleCare+ coverage.

Those, however, won't be mitigating the cost of Apple's AppleCare+ extended warranty, which practically adds another $200 on top of that $999 for the iPhone X. Even the older models such as the iPhone 7 Plus and the iPhone 6s Plus are affected by this raise.

If you're getting a new iPhone 8 Plus, or want to take out AppleCare+ for an iPhone 6s Plus and iPhone 7 Plus, the price is now $149. The devices are sold with a limited warranty and 90 days of free support. Based on the posting of Apple on its official website, even the prices for the screen fix on older iPhones have been raised by as much as $30.

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Some may feel it is eerily like the Essential Phone , however, it is expected to sell in the millions starting from November 3rd. It never said it wanted to make a "mostly-screen phone with a partially-obstructed display to make room for more sensors".

AppleCare+ extends coverage for iPhones to two years from its purchase date and up to two incidents of accidental damage coverage.

Whether you choose to look at the iPhone X as "forward thinking" and groundbreaking, as Apple CEO Tim Cook flamboyantly claimed on stage at the company's latest keynote event, or just an Android trend follower, the "all screen" device definitely has a multitude of things going for it. As MacRumors notes, that's $20 more than Apple used to charge. For the upcoming iPhone X, which will be released in November, Apple will offer coverage at a hefty $199.

Customers who buy the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X on EIP will automatically get the iPhone upgrade program and its one-time benefit.