A Florida sign language interpreter's astonishingly wrong Irma warnings has people outraged

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There was outrage among the deaf community when it emerged that a sign language interpreter who warned about "bears and monsters" ahead of Hurricane Irma, was an amateur with no expertise for the role.

County leaders told WFLA they were "in a pinch" and needed to find a sign language interpreter fast, so they turned to Marshall Greene, a lifeguard for the county's marine rescue unit, who had a deaf older brother.

A sign language interpreter is accused of being a phony after signing the words "pizza" and "monster" during a news conference to announce an emergency evacuation order during Hurricane Irma.

Critics said Manatee County put people in danger when they put Greene up to the task.

They added he was not familiar with the language used by the officials.

McCarthy said she was not given any explanation about the identity of the man signing at the briefing, or why the county made a decision to use him as an interpreter during the briefing.

Azzara told the paper that the county has requested an interpreter and public information assistance from the state of Florida.

The county often uses the company VisCom to provide interpreters, but owner Charlene McCarthy claimed she was never called.

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"I knew something went horribly wrong", she said.

"They said yes, for the next morning at 9:30 am", she said.

She told the station: 'It was horribly unnerving for me'.

So, now the question is - why wasn't someone called in who was a certified interpreter? "The woman that called said she spoke with the higher-ups and they told her they would cancel and there would be no interpreter at all".

The former president of the National Association of the Deaf knew right off the bat that something wasn't right.

The interpreter's family said he just did what his bosses asked him to do.

Manatee County officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment from BuzzFeed News.