Surprise! Minecraft is coming to New 3DS today

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You'll have access to both Creative and Survival modes in this version, along with some special content packs.

Just when you thought that Minecraft couldn't hit any other console, the game is heading to the Nintendo 3DS.

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Nintendo today announced a surprise launch of Minecraft for the 3DS handheld during one of its Nintendo Direct live streams. Inventory, crafting and the map shows up on the lower touchscreen, and players are able to use buttons or the touch pad itself to navigate their cube-infested worlds.

Plus, while many things in a Nintendo Direct are coming months later or even next year, this Minecraft comes with the best possible release date, which is immediately. While the gameplay would be on the main screen. It is a multiplayer title where players each take control of their own Kirby and fight each other with Kirby's famous abilities in a variety of different modes.