Stephen King's IT: Why You Only Saw Pennywise, Never Bill Skarsgard

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IT was an entertaining, amusing and worthwhile watch, but horror fans may be disappointed with the quality of the film's CGI.

The film is already doing well in its opening week, now sitting "fresh" on Rotten Tomatoes and making $51 million on opening night, making it the largest grossing R-rated horror film to be released in September (yes, that's a very specific title, but a record broken nonetheless). It'll be interesting what sort of clown face he puts on, because it's not an obvious clown face at all. Muschiettie continued. "He will bear the role of trying to figure out how to defeat him". Making for a smooth adaptation of an otherwise tricky novel, "It" succeeds on multiple levels. Filmmaker Andy Muschietti worked hard to stay true to the essence of King's best-selling book. There is a widespread assumption that the story is primarily about a monster that "takes the shape of whatever scares you the most", but this is, in the grand scheme of the grand novel, nearly an ancillary feature of the creature, and probably the least interesting one. Every one of them does a great job in the movie, not only in believably dealing with the horror they're facing, but also the horrors of daily life in high school. Without revealing too much about It's forthcoming sequel, in the intervening 27 years between the childhood and adulthood portions of the novel, the Losers have forgotten almost everything about that summer. It's refreshing to see a film where kids are taking on a world that isn't ideal and created to be pleasant for children.

Woh ran for only one season with 52 episodes and numerous die hard fans of the show consider it as one of the scariest TV series of Indian cinema.

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A red balloon foreshadows the approach of Pennywise and becomes a recurring symbol of fear, building the anticipation as the audience waits to see who the clown's next victim will be. Each character has their own individual battle to overcome, resolution to those battle and small spotlight moment. Throughout the movie, the horror never lets up. The dearth of other popular movies helped turn "It", backed by a powerful marketing campaign from

Most horror films spend so much time developing the horror that they forget about the characters, but IT gives us time to bond with each member of the Loser Club before Pennywise begins his rampage.

The last image we see in the movie, just before the credits roll, is "It: Chapter 1". Before he starts following Georgie, Bill picks up a Lego turtle from his little brother's room. Director Andy Muscietti ("Mama") has said that "IT Chapter 2" is his top priority, so we can hope to expect yet another record-breaking sequel to hit theaters in the near future. Giving some late '70s or early '80s horror movie vibes, Muschietti moves the camera in diabolical ways.