Square Enix's Nintendo Switch Exclusive, Octopath Traveler, Looks Great

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Octopath will be getting a worldwide launch sometime next year. It looks lovely, and there's a demo out tonight.

Nintendo revealed that a demo for the game arrives on the Eshop today, giving you the opportunity to get a feel for it yourself.

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Looks like a cross between Saga Frontier and old-school Final Fantasy, with the type of twist on traditional JRPG combat that Bravely Default mastered. One of the console's more unknown exclusives is a little RPG that Square Enix is cooking up in a unique "HD-2D" art style, which is now going by its working title of Project Octopath Traveler. I want it now.

There's no word yet on how long the game will take to complete, but given that there are eight stories, there's massive replayability. As each turn passes, characters accumulate boost points which allow them to attack multiple times or wreak havoc on an enemy with a supercharged attack. Project Octopath is all about player choice and seeing how different characters in the cast react to different situations.