Men Caught Trying to Make Off With Power Utility Pole

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- Two men were arrested in Jacksonville for trying to strapping a power utility pole onto the top of their vehicle and trying to make off with it.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office confirmed to WOKV-TV the two men were stealing the utility pole, but the department didn't say how the duo would be charged.

One suspect allegedly told officers that they removed the pole because it was laying on the ground close to lanes of traffic.

The sheriff's office in Jacksonville posted this photo on its Facebook page.

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I'm no expert, but I'd say going to jail over a utility pole is an even worse life choice. One of the men who had been placed under arrest said the pole was lying in the road and he was just trying to move it out of the way. And further investigation may have revealed their true goal for the power pole.

Both men now face charges of grand theft.

The pole was valued at $2,500.