Luther Strange agrees to Lincoln-Douglas debate with Roy Moore

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The Strange campaign suggested that the two candidates in the Republican runoff for U.S. Senate hold the debate on the 21st since both campaigns initially committed to the Samford debate on that date.

But then we see the most cutting footage: former Gov. Robert Bentley introducing odd as his interim appointment to the Senate. What is Roy Moore hiding?

Strange Tagged as a "Big Time Lobbyist" "Big Time Lobbyist" starts as almost all Republican ads do in the age of Trump: saying that Washington was "built on a swamp" and Strange as "part of that swamp".

"Moore polled at 40% while unusual was at 26%". Similarly, Strange supporters found 31% voting for Jones and 34% voting for Moore.

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Moore said he wants to get to the truth about "why Luther Strange sided with (Senate Majority leader) Mitch McConnell to support the very Senate gamesmanship that has sunk President Trump's agenda".

Moore responded that he withdrew because API's president also serves as treasurer of a group backing odd. But the campaign also strongly encouraged Moore to also participate in a moderated debate with Raycom Media that is in the planning stages.

"It is extremely telling - and frankly, a little embarrassing - when any candidate demands a "no questions from the press" debate", Foster said. Moore's request came after he backed out of a candidates' forum scheduled for September 21 at Samford University and sponsored by the Alabama Policy Institute.

Regardless of who wins the divisive GOP nomination it appears Democrat Doug Jones will start in a competitive position for the General election as he trails odd 40% to 43%, and Moore 40% to 44%, well within the polls 4.8% margin of error.