Joseph Gordon-Levitt named for Star Wars: The Last Jedi cameo

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Rian Johnson, who wrote and directed "Star Wars: The Last Jedi", which will hit theaters in December, reportedly declined to come back to do the same for Episode IX.

Abrams will co-write the screenplay with Chris Terrio (who wrote Argo, Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Justice League) and helm the production that rounds off the trilogy he started two years ago, according to a post on the official Star Wars blog.

Along with the appointment of Abrams, Disney has announced Episode IX will be pushed back six months to a December 20, 2019 release date.

News of Abrams' return was greeted warmly by fans on social media. Abrams is a producer, writer and director with plenty of Hollywood tentpole street cred. If you've not seen Trevorrow's breakthrough movie, Safety Not Guaranteed, there's a film we can't recommend enough, though.

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After the release and record-breaking success of the Abrams-directed "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", subsequent films in the franchise have experienced a shuffling of directors. If The Force Awakens had been a failure, we'd probably be looking at a very different Star Wars movie scenario right now rather than the Golden Age of yearly films that we're getting.

JJ Abrams would be returning as director and co-writer of Star Wars: Episode IX. Abrams will produce the movie with Kathleen Kennedy and Michelle Rejwan, along with Abram's Bad Robot and Lucasfilm. Rian Johnson, the director of "Star Wars: The Last Jedi", which opens December 15, opted out of filling his spot.

Star Wars is the biggest franchise on earth (and galaxies far, far away) so it's safe to say that EVERYONE wants to be a part of it - even in cameo form.

May 2019 also makes more sense as a release date for Aladdin than for Star Wars. In fact, the latter soon seemed to be the clear favourite. When Episode IX unexpectedly lost its director, indie darling Colin Trevorrow, they found a replacement for him within a week. Before Trevorrow left Episode IX, Disney also removed the directors Christopher Miller and Phillip Lord in favor of Ron Howard for the Han Solo stand-alone film.