Janet Jackson's Brother Claims Her Ex Abused Her

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The couple announced their split in April this year - shortly after welcoming their first child - and now the pop star's brother, Randy is spilling some painful details that led to the demise of the marriage.

Randy also insists that Janet is still being abused throughout the divorce proceedings.

He also says that although things never escalated to physical abuse, he did feel at one point he had to intervene. She was really pissed off.

"She thought he had become too controlling during the pregnancy and she had already allowed him to dictate her appearance and even the way she performed at concerts", a source told Page Six in April. "I'm exhausted. It is too" ". It's too much, ' Randy told People.

Still, in a statement delivered to People, Al Mana's team claimed Randy's statements were false and completely inflammatory. It came later in their relationship, the verbal abuse and the feeling of being a prisoner in her own home.

While Janet was able to escape the marriage, she and Al Mana went through an ugly custody battle. He shared: "There's a lot of pain".

We could now know why iconic singer Janet Jackson had such an emotional breakdown during her world tour earlier this month.

Janet Jackson's Brother Claims Her Ex Abused Her
Janet Jackson's Brother Claims Her Ex Abused Her

Staying strong: Janet was overcome as she belted out the lyrics, which include: "What about all the s**t you've done to me?"

At the time, the 50-year-old singer revealed that a divorce case was in court.

Since she filed for divorce, Janet has been finally leaning more on her family, especially on her brother Randy.

"I didn't want them to know", he said.

In a statement released to PEOPLE, attorneys for Al Mana say "Mr. Al Mana is not going to dignify these particular and deeply hurtful allegations with a response. The end of his marriage with Janet Jackson is a great grief to mr. Al Mana, and it is the well-being of his son, Eissa, who remains for him a priority ".

With all prayers, love and light sent to Janet and her current situation, let's all keep her lifted in positivity and hope for a peaceful resolve in the near future.

She continued, "We are in court now and the rest is in God's hands".

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