I Was 'Dumbfounded' By Comey's Intervention — Clinton

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The Washington Examiner reports that Clinton rips the paper of record for "shoddy reporting" on the scandal arising from her use of a private email server for government business as secretary of state, even calling its approach "schizophrenic".

Over the past ten months, many Americans, regardless of how they voted, have contemplated what life would have looked like if Hillary Clinton had been elected President on November 8, 2016.

Priestap did not elaborate on which of Clinton's associates had their email accounts targeted for grand jury subpoenas or whether they were notified of the requests.

Clinton's book, "What Happened", was released Tuesday. What part is Russia?

Comey declined to address the allegations at the time, noting that grand jury actions are required to be secret by law. It was my campaign. In the so-called "postmodern" era, there is no such thing as good intentions in politics.

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"I think it needs to be eliminated", Clinton added. It runs through Clinton's bid for president, why she believes Trump won and how she felt afterward. I thought, 'What is he doing?' The investigation was closed.

"Oh, I don't know", Clinton replied to "Today" anchor Matt Lauer. Tillich, she writes, "sensed a feeling of meaningless, emptiness, doubt and cynicism - all expressions of despair, of our separation from the roots and the meaning of our life". And women voters who might have been on the fence decided not to vote for Clinton. Elections are a unique moment in time and re-creating the circumstances surrounding them is impossible.

Clinton appeared in an extended interview with CNN host Anderson Cooper, who brought up the Electoral College as an institution. - Clinton claims she takes full responsibility for her stunning loss to Donald Trump. But white women, she said, tend to base their politics on their understanding of their own security - maybe the idea of voting for a candidate who was about to be "locked up" (in Donald Trump's words) made some white women voters feel insecure about her.

A top FBI official disclosed in a court filing that grand jury subpoenas were used to try to obtain records not only from Clinton's account but also from accounts belonging to people she was in contact with.