Apple Watch Series 3 hands-on: LTE is the watershed moment for wearables

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So let's get into it.

Apple also enhanced the device's front-facing camera by adding the TrueDepth technology that will produce selfies with a number of effects and portrait photos with studio-level lighting.

There are a few new bands and watch face styles to choose from.

Through a new study with Stanford Medical and the FDA in the United States, the Apple Watch will also alert wearers to an unexpectedly elevated heart rate when they aren't doing anything strenuous and use that data to better understand arrhythmias and other heart conditions. The new headphones come with a lightning connector, catering to those users who have purchased the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus or are planning to buy the iPhone X, iPhone 8 or the iPhone 8 Plus.

The Watch intelligently picks up your voice, and you do not have to hold it up to your mouth-in ideal conditions, anyway. Stray too far from that phone, and you lose access to things like messages, Facebook (FB), Twitter (TWTR), Instagram, Uber and Lyft because all that information is crunched on your phone and fed to the watch. The Apple Watch Series 3 is being offered in both LTE and Wi-Fi only models. This may explain why the company is seemingly ploughing ahead with the Apple Watch Series 3, or Watch 3 for short.

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The Apple Watch 3 uses an e-SIM (to know how it works, read here) to provide cellular connectivity on your wrists. Apple has squeezed all the gubbins to enable that new cellular functionality into a body that's the same size as before, well, almost.

Before introducing the Series 3, Tim Cook announced that Apple Watch has seen phenomenal growth, and sales are up 50 percent from this time previous year. However, the biggest change in the Watch series 3 is music.

The company started their presentation of devices with the Apple #Watch Series 3. You will be able to more accurately track your heart rate and can choose to receive a notification when it becomes elevated above a specific threshold while inactive.

UK Apple TV viewers can watch sport via Sky's standalone subscription service NOW TV, but you need a sports pass to watch Sky Sports channels. You can ask Siri to setup various tasks like finding nearby restaurant or more about the same.

As well as cellular data the Apple Watch Series 3 is also more powerful as it features Apple's third-generation architecture featuring a faster dual-core processor. There are three different models available for this watch and pricing of all these models are different. Outdoor workout with Global Positioning System tested with Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) without iPhone. This depends, of course, on the model you choose as there are more expensive stainless steel versions.