Westbrook signs huge deal with Jordan Brand

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Russell Westbrook hasn't signed a new deal with the Thunder, but he has locked up the "most lucrative" deal ever with Nike's Jordan Brand.

According to Nick DePaula of ESPN, Westbrook has just agreed with Jordan's sports apparel brand to be an athlete endorser of the sports outfitter for 10 more years. The increased pay rate will also retroactively apply toward his 2016-17 MVP season, according to sources. Westbrook will be releasing a basketball shoe with Jordan Brand, but will also have an off-court shoe as well.

The contract will include on- and off-court shoes for Westbrook, who has debuted signature off-court looks, but has not yet had an on-court shoe through the brand.

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Russell Westbrook originally had a five-year deal with the company in 2013, and with its expiration up for next year, the brand perhaps decided that now's the best time to sign the history-making point guard to a long-term contract. The deal will also include both on- and off-court signature sneakers, new territory for Westbrook. An on-court Westbrook signature sneaker is coming as well, one that will highlight Westbrook's flashy play and unpredictable fashion sense. Just after agreeing to the extension, Westbrook and Jordan embarked on a multicity, rapid-fire tour of China, with Westbrook again supporting the newest Air Jordan model. This extension will run through the 2025-26 season - Westbrook's age-37 season, if his career reaches that point.

Westbrook's first signature shoe is now in the works and is expected to be "flashy" and "unlike anything that Jordan Brand has done before", DePaula reports.