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The Apple Watch Series 3 has cellular built into the device.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the Apple Watch was now "the number one watch in the world" citing Rolex as the competition it had overtaken. You can see your heart rate through a complication on your watch face, and the heart rate app shows more details about your heart rate history.

This is really useful for people who use their Apple Watch for running, and hate taking their iPhones with them, but you'll be able to use apps such as Whatsapp, and even stream from Apple Music. The Watch Series 3 also comes crammed with a W2 chip that provides faster and more efficient Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

There are also a host of new bands and watch face styles.

Alongside the new watch, Apple is releasing a new version of Watch OS 4. WatchOS 4 will be available to all existing Apple Watch users starting September 19.

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Originally, Bloomberg reported that Intel will be supplying the LTE chips for the new watch, a continuation of Apple's quest for separation from Qualcomm as its primary modem supplier.

Apple is going to launch the iPhone 8 today, alongside two other variants which will be a slightly advanced version of the current iPhone 7 generation. Apple will be increasing the amount of measurements that are given, including resting heart rate and recovery heart rate. That keeps the size just as slim as the Apple Watch Series 2. We also reported earlier today on a new Apple Heart Study to detect atrial fibrillation, and this was confirmed in today's event.

Angela Ahrendts, Apple senior vice president of retail, discussed big new stores coming from Apple and the company's goal to make its stores into community centers. At the end of the day, this is a more expensive, more powerful, and slightly more capable Apple Watch. No mention of sleep tracking, but with 18 hour battery life sleep tracking would be kind of pointless.

The watch will be $399 (£300) with cellular, or $329 without.

In a demonstration on stage, Williams called an Apple colleague not present at the event directly from the watch.