Qualcomm claims Android always beats the iPhone to new features

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Semiconductor and telecommunications equipment company Qualcomm posted a list of innovations and inventions that the company has implemented in Android-based smartphones in recent years.

Qualcomm today published a somewhat self-congratulatory blog post that lauds the company and its Android partners for achieving a series of industry firsts that include wireless charging, dual-camera systems, OLED smartphone screens, edge-to-edge displays, and more.

Apple and Qualcomm are now embroiled in what's turning into a vicious, global patent licensing dispute.

Apple uses modems from both Intel and Qualcomm in iPhones but reportedly decided, for consistency's sake, not to enable Gigabit LTE in iPhones with Qualcomm's modem until Intel chips have the same capability. Qualcomm praises the Galaxy S8 for introducing iris scanning - but that was really the Note 7's new thing if we're being technical.

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"We've been inventing foundational technologies for Gigabit LTE for well over a decade", Qualcomm says. It also takes credit for enabling the bezel-less design in Essential's new phone. Android phones were certainly first to employ a lot of this technology. Overall, Qualcomm's post could have been a bit more researched, even if its meant to point out Apple's late but refined entry to the party.

It's hard to dispute the general point that Qualcomm is making here, though.

The reason for Qualcomm to list a wide variety of smartphones is because the chipset marker works closely with a number of smartphone makers ranging from Samsung, LG, HTC, Lenovo, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi for upcoming technologies.

"The vibrant Android ecosystem is built on Qualcomm inventions and our industry-enabling horizontal model", it said. Now I'm not sure I want to go back. Interestingly enough, Qualcomm made sure not to mention Apple, the iPhone, or iOS. The Note 8 is a stunning phone and Note lovers are sure to appreciate the S Pen functionality, dual camera performance, and more.