Nintendo To Revive Sold Out NES Classic Edition

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But gamers still want the original, so the company is giving into the demand and the console will be back on the market in 2018.

However, the good news does not stop there for retro gaming fans.

Nintendo also committed to providing "dramatically" more units of its upcoming release, the Super NES Classic Edition, when it launches on september 29 - with the company promising to ship out more Super NES Classics on Day 1 than were shipped of the NES Classic all previous year.

While many folks are eagerly awaiting the Xbox One X, it appears as if many more are eager to get their hands on a Super NES Classic Edition from Nintendo.

Specifics about the re-release aren't yet known, but overseas Nintendo said it is planning new shipments for the northern hemisphere summer.

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Nintendo dubbed the console a "limited-time product" and discontinued it in April.

In the same press release, the company added that shipments of the SNES Classic Edition, originally planned to cease by the end of the year, will instead continue into 2018.

As an indication of its planned supply, Nintendo said that the number of SNES Classic Edition consoles shipped on launch day in the USA will be higher than the total number of NES Classic Editions shipped.

Is The NES Classic Edition Revival Good Or Bad?

Nintendo, with the massive demand for the both the NES Classic Edition and SNES Classic Edition, and to a lesser extent the return of storied franchises in the Nintendo Switch, has discovered that nostalgia is a big factor in selling products to gamers. At the time, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime apologized to those who were not able to get the system.