Nintendo Switch online update makes voice chat slightly less bad

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We were elated when Nintendo launched the Nintendo Switch Online app - finally, a way to chat with out friends while playing Nintendo games online!

Improved support for Bluetooth devices.

Many complaints revolved around the fact that the smartphone app used for voice chat essentially commandeered whatever device it was running on.

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Players will now be able to continue use voice chat when their phones enter sleep mode, as well as while they use other apps. While the only other entry in version 1.1.0's update list is bug fixes, the other two are likely big enough to make the app relatively enjoyable to use. However, Nintendo notes that devices running Android 6.0 or later will not allow you to continue chatting while not in the app if power-saving mode is on, which is easily rectified.

Note: On devices using Android 6.0 or later, voice chat can not be used during sleep mode while power-saving features are activated. To solve this issue, users will have to deactivate the battery optimization option in the phone's settings. Hopefully this is the first in a long line of improvements to the Switch's system, because for many, it's now hard to imagine paying a yearly fee for the service in the state it launched in.