Dr. Phil Bosses Paying for Sinead O'Connor's Medical Treatment

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Calling it a "very unusual thing to come to mind", she admitted, "I miss her horribly". "She used to make me say over and over, "I am nothing".

The star also stated that she doesn't believe she is now mentally ill, but said that she did attempt to commit suicide seven times in a year.

"It was a torture chamber". It was a torture chamber.

The musician, who has legally changed her name to Magda Davitt to be "free of parental curses", wrote a moving thank you to Dr. Phil on her Facebook page. "I am nothing" or else she'd beat me". Marie died in a auto crash six years later when Sinead was 19.

Sinead - who has battled with her mental health for a number of years - reportedly asked Dr. Phil to be interviewed just a month after she shared an emotional video on Facebook where she hinted at having suicidal thoughts.

According to McGraw, O'Connor has recently spent time in a psychiatric inpatient facility, which has helped put her on the right track to recovery.

"What happened was I had been writing to my family, begging letters and angry letters".

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She added, "I thought it would be better, maybe my family might [reach out to me], if they saw how I'm feeling, they would relate to it". I didn't want to be pretty'.

But she told him she doesn't blame her relatives, adding: "It's not easy for families of mentally ill people. We can be hard".

The Irish singer anxious fans around the world when she posted a tearful Facebook video from a New Jersey motel room where she talked about being suicidal. "Sinead O'Connor is gone".

I've been a huge fan of Sinead O'Connor because she's one of the most pure voices in music and here I see this this iconic talent alone in the middle of the night, in a motel room in New Jersey.

One of Sinead's exercises at Milestones had her drawing a picture of herself living her ideal life, and when she presented it to Dr. Phil, he had her sign it. "And there's absolutely nobody in my life except my doctor, my psychiatrist, the sweetest man on earth, who says I'm his hero, and that's about the only f-ing thing keeping me alive at the moment. and that's kind of pathetic".

"She's up and down, but the down times are getting fewer and farther between and the lows are getting higher".

The Irish singer-songwriter said she hoped her video might provide some help to others struggling with mental illness.