Donald Trump is likely to visit China in November, says United States official

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A defiant North Korea for its part "categorically rejected" the resolution, saying the United States was "fired up" for confrontation and would soon face the "greatest pain" it had ever experienced.

USA disarmament ambassador Robert Wood took the floor to say that the Security Council resolution "frankly sent a very clear and unambiguous message to the regime that the worldwide community is exhausted, is no longer willing to put up provocative behaviour from this regime".

The 15-member council based in NY approved Resolution 2375, which imposes a cap on the supply, sales or transfer of crude oil to North Korea to the level of the past 12 months, some 4 million barrels, and limits exports of refined petroleum products to the country to 2 million barrels a year.

Although North Korean hackers' new emphasis on finances do mark a shift from their previous patterns of cyberespionage for traditional nation state activities, FireEye says this new activity is "not all that surprising" given North Korea's position as a "pariah nation cut off from much of the global economy" and a country that "employs a government bureau to conduct illicit economic activity".

Media captionHow would war with North Korea unfold?

The statement also said that the sanctions "verify that the road [North Korea] chose to go down was absolutely right and to strengthen its resolve to follow this road at a faster pace without the slightest diversion until this right to finish is over".

North Korea said its September 3 test was of an advanced hydrogen bomb and was its most powerful by far.

While President Donald Trump's administration does not rule out military options in dealing with the threat posed by North Korea, a USA pre-emptive strike is an unlikely scenario in addressing the nuclear standoff, according to security experts.

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"We think it's just another very small step, not a big deal", Trump told reporters in reference to the sanctions approved on Monday.

The United had originally pushed for a strict oil embargo, as well as a freeze on the assets of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

He showed to the hearing satellite images provided by US intelligence of ships purported to travel between Russian Federation and China with illicit exports of North Korean coal in violation of sanctions.

Washington and its allies have said there is a growing urgency for China, North Korea's top ally and trading partner, to apply more pressure on its already isolated neighbor to get it to back down on its nuclear weapons and missiles programs.

Meanwhile, Chinese Ambassador to the UN Liu Jieyi said Beijing hopes the United States would not seek regime change for North Korea or measures that would ensure the regime's collapse.

Assistant Treasury Secretary Marshall Billingslea acknowledged at the hearing he had not seen sufficient evidence past sanctions were effective, but defended the administration's strategy. On 4 July, North Korea claimed it carried out its first successful test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM).

China's official Xinhua news agency said in a commentary that the Trump administration was making a mistake by rejecting diplomatic engagement with North Korea.

North Korea on Tuesday condemned the United Nations.