Cuba says 10 died in Hurricane Irma

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When Irma hit landfall in the Caribbean, it was a category 5 hurricane with extreme winds.

Anguilla, Turks and Caicos, and the British Virgin Islands (BVI) are among 14 British overseas territories which are all self-governing but the British government is responsible for their defence and security, with a duty to protect them from natural disasters. "If clients don't want to go to other parts of the Caribbean, we are offering free cancellations and refunds".

But May said that the government has been holding regular meetings to coordinate its response.

Barbuda, however, suffered a much worse fate: As reported by the Los Angeles Times, an estimated 95 percent of island houses were damaged or destroyed, and some 1,600 residents were evacuated. Authorities will also have to make sure the island is safe from any damage and resorts, beaches and tour operators can operate which will take a while.

It said two members of the United Kingdom police cadre, who support the military in times of worldwide crisis, flew out on Friday, while a further 53 British officers from 14 police forces, including the Metropolitan Police, are due to leave from RAF Brize Norton in co-operation with the MoD.

They "will now face a particularly acute need to access significant reconstruction funds following the devastation inflicted by Hurricane Irma", the committee said.

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Fifty-three police officers were also being deployed "to help sort things out, get these wonderful places back on their feet", Johnson said.

But federal officials and volunteers on Tuesday said help has arrived, and crews are working hard to improve the situation on St. John and other US Virgin Islands.

English billionaire Richard Branson revealed the horrific damage inflicted upon his private island in the Caribbean after Hurricane Irma roared through it last week. The few images trickling in, however, suggest that the destruction in Cuba is not as cataclysmic as it is on islands elsewhere in the Caribbean.

Branson said the British government had a "massive role to play" in rebuilding its territories, including the British Virgin Islands, an offshore financial center.

Buildings were leveled, once lush and verdant hillsides were reduced to barren stumps and roads were washed away. But somehow hope remains intact as people struggle to find basic necessities, like food and water. Many suspect that the number of dead will climb.