Christie: Bannon-professed ultimatum conversation 'never happened'

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During Monday's episode of "The Daily Show", Noah cited Bannon's interview with Charlie Rose on Sunday's "60 Minutes", saying that Trump's decision on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was about keeping America safe.

"It seems like 60 minutes would like you to listen less and look more at Steve Bannon".

"Billy Bush Saturday, to me, is a litmus test".

"I don't even know why he's fighting about this", Noah said.

Duke narrated the tape showing side by side comparisons of Bannon and Rose, showing before and after shots of the men with and without color correction.

'Christie, because of Billy Bush weekend, wasn't looked at for a cabinet position, ' Bannon continued.

The conversation Bannon referenced is alleged to have taken place shortly after the tape was released and involved Bannon telling Christie: "The plane leaves at 11:00 in the morning".

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When talking to Woodruff, Christie said this was nonsense.

"My intent, as it's always been-not as someone who was only Donald Trump's friend for a year, as Mr. Bannon was, but for somebody like me who's been his friend for 15 years-I want him to be a successful president first and foremost for this country". 'Never had any conversations with him'.

In a dig to where Bannon was situated on the Trump totem poll, the New Jersey governor added, 'I didn't need to convey those kinds of feelings to staffers'. He rolled clips of both men calling it Billy Bush Saturday, Billy Bush Weekend, etc.

'And, by the way, if I was off the team, then why did I lead debate prep for the third debate?' Christie mused.

Bannon tells Rose that current Republican leadership - namely Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan - are trying to undermine President Trump's political agenda.

While Chris Christie and Steve Bannon are now forced to support Donald Trump mostly from afar, their distance has not dimmed their apparent affection for the president-or their eagerness to tear each other down in the process.

Christie also said people won't care about anything else Bannon has to say because the former adviser was "fired". 'I know that no one else cared about it.