Christian Bale Unrecognizable as He Prepares for Dick Cheney Role

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Hollywood is renowned for its ever-changing faces but we were blown away when we saw snaps of Christian Bale as he prepares to play the star in upcoming Dick Cheney biopic.

Bale and his Hostiles cast mates sat down with Entertainment Weekly, PEOPLE, and InStyle at the Toronto International Film Festival where the film is screened this week.

The actor famously lost 28 kilograms (60 pounds) to pay an insomniac in The Machinst by eating one can of tuna and/or one apple a day for nearly four months, while doing intense cardio workouts to speed up the weight loss. Bale and Adams previously worked together on "American Hustle".

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He told OTRC at the time, "It's easy to star with. you're just sitting on your butt and you're eating lots of donuts and eating bread and everything like that". But you do it for two months and your body starts to rebel against you, it's just saying, "No, please", and your back is aching and there's also some problems with that. I eventually went, 'Damn it. It's nearly six months later.

The forthcoming Cheney film, which has yet to be titled, will be directed by "The Big Short" filmmaker Adam McKay and will co-star Amy Adams as Lynne Cheney, and Steve Carell as Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld. His upcoming movies are "Backseat", where he will play Dick Cheney, and "Jungle Book", where he will be Bagheera.