Chesterfield's 'awful' Princess Diana tribute mocked

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Chesterfield made national headlines this week, and for the most unlikely of reasons.

A British town's attempt to commemorate Princess Diana with a floral arrangement has backfired in spectacular fashion, with online critics reacting in horror to the late royal's flower portrayal.

Chesterfield City Council was forced onto the defensive after commenters on its Facebook page labelled the tribute, created painstakingly from flower petals by 14 volunteers, a "disgrace".

The tribute, which is on display in Chesterfield in the United Kingdom, has been made to mark the 20th anniversary of the death of the Princess of Wales, but hasn't had quite the effect the local council were looking twitter user even compared the floral tribute to British TV character Worzel Gummidge. How much money has gone into this?

Chesterfield council have taken the backlash in their stride, however.

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"While it might not be to everyone's taste, I don't see it is an insult to Princess Diana, and I don't think it reflects badly on Chesterfield".

OK, few people are going to say that the work of art created in the marketplace is an exact likeness of the late Princess. People on Twitter and Facebook write the cruellest things that they would never dream of saying to the person they're discussing. "Someone's spent hours of their time making this, bless 'em!".

In response to the social media storm, a spokesperson front Chesterfield Council defended the installation, describing it as a 'talking point'. "All good wishes to the creators, and Chesterfield folk".

"All art is meant to be a talking point", he added, "and that certainly seems to be the case with this year's design".

None, however, have proved as controversial as a new floral tribute to the People's Princess, recently unveiled at Chesterfield's market place to widespread bemusement.