Brexit talks put back a week, European Union expects May speech

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Underlining that Britain has the largest defense and development budgets in Europe, officials will press what they consider to be one of their strongest arguments - that the government can offer defense and security support to the EU.

The UK and France are the two European permanent members of the UN Security Council and the only European countries with an independent nuclear deterrent, the paper will say, while UK proscriptions and asset freezes are the basis of numerous EU sanctions on terrorist organisations.

It will also promise co-operation in imposing sanctions on other states.

In a new position paper, published later today, the government will pledge to "use our assets, capabilities and influence to combat the shared challenges facing the continent, including illegal migration, terrorism, cyber and state-based threats".

Upon triggering Article 50 in March, Theresa May warned that failure to reach a deal would mean that "co-operation in the fight against crime and terrorism would be weakened" - in what was taken by some in Brussels as a threat to future security ties.

Britain has deployed troops in some Baltic states to counter a resurgent Russian Federation, has worked with the European Union to tackle piracy off the Horn of Africa and worked on joint defense projects, such as the Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft.

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He said the UK's commitment to European security was "undiminished".

The Guardian newspaper said the latest paper "strikes a more positive note about European Union defence and foreign policy matters than expected".

The organisation said some 180,000 traders would need to make customs declarations after Brexit, the introduction of which it estimates could cost GBP4bn per annum.

The position paper - the twelfth to be released by the British government - does not mention cooperation on cross-border crime or whether it will remain a member of Europol.

"Britain is walking into a carefully planned European Union ambush from which United Kingdom officials have not protected us", warned Veterans for Britain chairman Major-General Julian Thompson, who led Britain's land forces during the liberation of the Falkland Islands, in an official statement.