American Horror Story Cult S7E2

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It's not immediately clear why Evan Peters' Kai Anderson has made a decision to prey upon Ally (Sarah Paulson) and her family, but he shows up at her door and the true terror begins.

Facebook/AmericanHorrorStoryA promotional image for "American Horror Story" season 7. It's not like Kai physically forced her to get the handgun used to shoot Pedro, but is it really just a coincidence that the same people who filmed Kai's attack are the same ones who gave Ally a gun? Episode two is titled "Don't Be Afraid of The Dark".

Nope: Ozzy's real name is Ozymandias and we can't.

Later, the creep clowns make another appearance, only this time they are in Ally's house.

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If Harrison and his wife Meadow (Leslie Grossman) turn out to be followers of Kai, then they probably gave Ally the gun with the sole objective of hoping she'd do something drastic with it. Kai played his part by amping up her paranoia during his threatening home visit and likely even arranging the chef Roger's death as a means to validate Ally's fears over her family's safety. Will he come back to get revenge on her in the night?

Meanwhile, the episode will also feature the disturbing clowns as they try to terrorize Ally and her son. Of course, fans probably suspect Evan Peters' Kai Anderson first and foremost, since he's clearly being set up as the creepy antagonist of the season, but a brief glimpse in one of the season's teaser trailers may point to a less expected culprit.

FX said the American Horror Story premiere is the second most-watched basic cable entertainment program of 2017 year-to-date in adults 18-49 and total viewers, behind AMC's The Walking Dead. And from the manic look on Ivy's face, I'm pretty sure that's not a USDA-approved beef, if you know what I mean... The clip showed Winter mischievously watching on as a blood-splattered Ivy is grinding something up.