Ambassador says United Nations resolution is 'a challenge' for North Korea

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Trump's administration was pushing for a total ban on crude oil imports.

Washington told the U.N. Security Council Friday to call a meeting Monday to vote on a draft resolution establishing additional sanctions on North Korea for its missile and nuclear program.

North Korea on Monday threatened to "inflict pain and suffering" on the USA, after Washington pushed for new sanctions against Pyongyang for its sixth nuclear test in the UN Security Council, the state-media reported.

The Security Council is due to vote in NY on a US-drafted resolution to impose new restrictions on the rogue state following its sixth and largest nuclear test, carried out just over a week ago.

Peru does not have any diplomats in North Korea.

During tough negotiations, the United States dropped initial demands for a full oil embargo and a freeze on the foreign assets of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

Under the measure, countries are authorized to inspect ships suspected of carrying banned North Korean cargo but must first seek the consent of the flag-state.

The European Union will enforce new United Nations sanctions over North Korea's nuclear programme while pressing ahead with work on fresh measures of its own, the bloc's diplomatic chief said today.

US-drafted sanctions resolution forcibly imposed on the UN Security Council, which turned into an instrument of the United States, is illegal.

Ms Haley said the resolution never would have happened without the "strong relationship" between President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping.

North Korea conducted its fifth nuclear test on Sept 9 previous year, and then carried out a sixth a week ago, saying it was a hydrogen bomb that could be fitted onto a missile - prompting global condemnation and calls for further sanctions.

UN Security Council North Korea
Ambassador says United Nations resolution is 'a challenge' for North Korea

The 15-member Council, including permanent members Russian Federation and the USA, unanimously passed the sanctions resolution on Monday banning textile exports and capping fuel imports.

On Tuesday Trump told reporters at the start of a meeting with Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak that he was pleased Malaysia no longer did business with North Korea, before adding that he had just discussed the United Nations vote with US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

"The UNSC's response and actions should be helpful to the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula and to maintaining the stability of the region".

"The bilateral and diplomatic measure taken yesterday by the Peruvian government lacks judicial and moral reasoning and doesn't further world peace and security at all", Kim said, reading from a statement at a news conference in Lima.

"If the global community remains united and resolute, we can deter North Korea from its course". They have a lot of leverage.

"The US needs to switch from isolation to communication in order to end an "endless loop" on the Korean peninsula where "nuclear and missile tests trigger tougher sanctions and tougher sanctions invite further tests", Xinhua said".

North Korea has rejected the sanctions, warning that the US would see the "greatest pain" it has ever experienced.

But underscoring the big questions about Chinese and Russian compliance, senior USA officials told the House Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday that effective enforcement by both of the North's neighbors and trading partners will be the acid test of whether sanctions work. -China confrontation for the current nuclear weapons crisis with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the country's official name.

"The forthcoming measures by (North Korea) will make the US suffer the greatest pain it ever experienced in its history", he said without elaborating.

China's United Nations ambassador urged the council to adopt the freeze-for-freeze proposal and urged the pledge not to seek regime change or North Korea's collapse. The agency accused the USA of being the "chieftain of aggression and war and wrecker of peace".

The watered-down resolution does not include sanctions that the USA wanted on North Korea's national airline and the army.

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