Help end the stigma of talking about mental health

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Together, the MHCC and the Canadian Association of Suicide Prevention, have created an online suicide prevention education program to help family physicians and nurses be alert to warning signs and risk factors.

World Suicide Prevention Day is part of an worldwide effort to encourage the public to light a candle near a window at 8 p.m. that night.

Amy Embury, supervisor of prevention services with Allegan County Community Mental Health Services, said the coalition is hosting a Youth Mental Health First Aid class Tuesday, Sept. 12, in honor of this week.

The Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network wants to get that number down to zero.

The LifeLine Canada app delivers unparalleled access to support for Canadians and people worldwide in need, whether they be people struggling with depression or survivors of tragedy. One in 20 people at any given time have thoughts of suicide, but not all act on these thoughts.

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With these resources, people can access tools to resolve conflict online, help a friend who is expressing suicidal thoughts or get resources if they are going through a hard time.

One hopeful message is letting people know, "You are not alone".

This year's theme, Take a Minute, Change a Life, is a reminder that we all have a role to play as compassionate friends, family members, colleagues and neighbors. When things just aren't getting back on track or getting worse, reaching out to crisis resources (listed below) can save a life.

Middle-aged men are still the highest risk group - with the proportion of male suicides at 75 per cent last year, which has stayed about the same for 25 years. Even though this is probably the hardest question in life to ask someone, if you don't ask, you will never know. And they're proof it's an issue that deserves to be addressed as seriously as other public health issues. "People can access tools to resolve conflict online, help a friend who is expressing suicidal thoughts or get resources if they're going through a hard time".

'However we need a root and branch overhaul of mental health services, which focuses on prevention and early intervention, particularly for children and young people'.