Trump agrees to Democrat deal on spending and Harvey aid

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President Trump received some uncharacteristic praise from Democratic leadership Wednesday after agreeing to a deal to fund Hurricane Harvey aid, a three month debt ceiling increase, and a three month Continuing Resolution to keep the government funded.

Ivanka Trump interrupted a crucial meeting between President Donald Trump and congressional leaders Wednesday, much to the annoyance of the Republicans present.

According to the Democratic aide, Ryan made his case for the 18-month debt ceiling extension at the late morning White House meeting between Trump and congressional leaders.

"It will probably pass, with a majority of Democrats and enough Republicans to get it across the finish line", Meadows said after a meeting of the caucus.

Senator Ben Sasse (R-NE) had a brief response to the deal. "I will be adding that as an amendment to the flood relief bill that's come over from the House, on the floor", McConnell said. The GOP leaders were reportedly visibly annoyed by her presence there.

Though news of the deal Trump struck with Democratic leaders is good news for the stability of the government and the worldwide economy in the short-term, it means that Congress will now be tasked with raising the debt ceiling and trying to figure out a budget shortly before the traditional holiday recess, at a time when Republicans were already hoping to get a controversial corporate tax cut bill across the finish line. Republicans learned this during the Obama presidency when debt-ceiling fights strengthened their negotiating position.

President Donald Trump says he's agreed to a "very good" deal to fund the government and increase the nation's borrowing limit for three months as part of an agreement to rush disaster aid to victims of storm Harvey.

Trump appeared to tire of the back and forth when Democrats wouldn't cave to the six-month increase.

Trump agrees to Democrat deal on spending and Harvey aid
Trump agrees to Democrat deal on spending and Harvey aid

"We discussed that also today, and Chuck and Nancy would like to see something happen, and so do I", Trump said, referring to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. The president's decision to end DACA was heartless and it was brainless. And a White House aide said that Trump invited his daughter in to talk about her child-tax credit proposal, that she stayed on-topic and that it was "not an issue".

Sen. Lindsey Graham says he believes "there's a congressional deal to be made" that could resolve the question of a legal shield for young immigrants living in the USA illegally while improving border security without building a wall. However, President Trump then jumped behind the three-month extensions coupled with the funding for Harvey relief.

"We'll agree on debt ceiling automatically because of the importance of it", he said aboard Air Force One, before taking off for North Dakota, where he is expected to make the case for tax reform.

Gillibrand, D-N.Y., said Trump's order will do nothing to help the country.

All I will say is, stay tuned. But people didn't - we had a couple people that said - 'Hi baby, how are you?' " Trump said as his granddaughter entered the room.

The deal, however, just pushes the threat of a government shutdown to December.

He also accused the Democrats of attempting to "play politics with the debt ceiling". What are the odds this Christmas is merry in D.C.?

House rushes to vote first billions for Harvey relief
Republicans , who also need some kind of legislative win before the 2018 elections, want the fall's focus to be on taxes, too. "The president and I believe that it should be tied to the Harvey funding", Mnuchin told Fox and Friends .