Senate Democrats to Trump: No wall, no shutdown

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President Donald Trump is heading to two Texas cities for updates on the devastating flooding that has paralyzed the southeastern part of the state in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. "And it could be much worse than that".

But Trump offered only broad outlines of what the tax code would look like if his tax reform gambit succeeds, as GOP congressional leaders and the White House have yet to reach an agreement on the details of the tax plan.

"This is where America's Main Street will begin its big, handsome comeback", the president declared. But the effort has been hamstrung by repeated delays and political distractions since Trump took office in January.

Schumer says Republicans shouldn't use "fuzzy math or brazenly partisan estimates" to claim their tax plan wouldn't add to deficits. The last major tax overhaul, signed by President Reagan in 1986, took a year and a half to push through Congress. Trump said. "Do you understand?"

"I think it has nothing to do with it, really".

White House officials said Trump's Wednesday speech would be bipartisan in hopes of luring Democratic support.

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President Trump tweeted Sunday that Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill (D) opposes "big tax cuts", and he predicts Republicans will unseat her in 2018. Trump told the press that he thought the announcement would get better ratings during a natural disaster.

Since then, lawmakers who were already struggling to hammer out a stop-gap federal spending bill before October 1 to avoid a shutdown have had to factor in Trump's threat as well.

Obama advisers said then that while they didn't believe the president's Sandy efforts were a deciding factor in the election, the praise he received from Republicans was helpful in the midst of a highly partisan campaign.

Ahead of Trump's arrival in Austin, the left-leaning group Indivisible has planned a demonstration at the North Lamar location of the state's emergency response center, where the president will meet Gov. Greg Abbott. But he was not among a number of administration officials whom Trump publicly thanked in his opening remarks.

To help offset the lost revenue from the tax cuts, the White House wants to eliminate "special interest" tax breaks that it mostly has not identified. A tax overhaul, cutting rates for individuals and businesses while erasing numerous tax breaks and loopholes, is hard enough as it stands.

With his promises to the middle class, Trump is essentially betting that the benefits of tax cuts for businesses will flow directly to workers, rather than ending up in the pockets of top executives and wealthy investors.