Mandatory Update For DJI Spark Firmware Update Enhances Flight Safety

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Having apparently spotted the issue, they are reportedly going with a firmware update and not a fully fledged hardware recall.

There's a timer on this update if you want to keep flying, however: If the firmware isn't updated by September 1, Spark drones will not be able to take off.

Owners of Spark quadcopter may that maker DJI is ordering owners of the diminutive drone to update its firmware before 1 September. The company has also given users the option of making updates through their proprietary DJI Assistant 2 software for desktop.

"The new firmware update enhances Spark's battery management system to optimize power supply during flight", the company said. In a post released by the drone maker, the aim of the update is to "further enhance flight safety and performance of the DJI Spark".

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When prompted on the DJI GO 4 App, users with internet connectivity will be able to download the new firmware to update their aircraft's and battery's firmware.

Other changes being added with the update are support for DJI Goggles, better stability for PalmLaunch, more accurate control under QuickShot Dronie mode, and better compatibility of the remote controller for new firmware syncing. This firmware update is clearly due to safety concerns and we applaud DJI for taking such a radical step in ensuring that all users are covered. The problem, said to be caused by the physical design of the GoPro Karma, was fixed with a redesigned battery latch.

A crashed DJI Spark, following reports of fly-away and power loss issues. In the unlikely possibility there is no official ability to install the new update after the deadline, it's almost certain the drone community would come up with some kind of way to unofficially update it to the correct version and restore normal functionality.