Headquarters Revealed for Call of Duty WW2

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Instead of signing on and going to a lobby with either your friends or 12 other people, you're instead placed in a massive headquarters, a bunker basically, with 40+ other players.

Starting August 25th a Call of Duty WWII multiplayer beta will open its doors, providing public access to the upcoming shooter for the first time ever.

The new trailer for Call of Duty: World War 2, released for Gamescom today, shows off the Headquarters, and explains in detail what players can expect from it.

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Headquarters includes a fancy Firing Range where players can test their accuracy skills shooting at stationary targets (not that players will have much opportunity for that). The AA guns will be set up too to fight the enemy who is very cunning.

Condrey and Schofield talked about the new Headquarters mode, and provided the community with its first inside look at this new dynamic social hub.

If you pre-ordered WWII digitally through the PlayStation Store, pre-loading for the beta is now available. Long story short, it's Call of Duty: WWII's version of Destiny's Tower but with a few added twists that could make this one of the most entertaining social spaces a game has rolled out in the past few years. There will be a second beta in September, that in addition to the PS4, XBOX One owners can get into the action.