Solar eclipse occurs in North America

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People in Metro Vancouver don't necessarily have to travel to OR to take in Monday's solar eclipse. Unlike the U.S., Canada won't see a total solar eclipse, where the moon completely covers the sun, blacking out the sky and turning day into night momentarily.

My group of first-time eclipse-chasers have found what we believe is the flawless viewing spot: a hill above Lincoln City, Oregon - right on the path of totality where the eclipse will be 100 per cent - the locals call "The Knoll". The only better place in all of Canada to catch the celestial show is Victoria.

Jaymie Matthews, an astronomy professor at the University of British Columbia, says the maximum eclipse will be seen from Metro Vancouver at 10:21 a.m.

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NASA is providing a live stream of the eclipse from various locations in the US, which can be viewed below.

I've met so-called "eclipse chasers" from several countries, including one from Belgium who described his awe at a previous full solar eclipse he saw in Indonesia. The city's aquatics manager says it's a precautionary move due to the fact swimmers would be unlikely to resist looking up at the sky, even without protective eyewear.