MTV Unplugged Is Getting Revived

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As a part of their renewed quest to revive the franchises of their glory days, MTV announced that it will be reviving MTV Unplugged. Pop star Shawn Mendes is slated to perform for the first episode, per Variety. On Thursday, September 8, he's kicking off a fresh new season of MTV Unplugged - yep, MTV's iconic franchise is back, and Mendes is the ideal pop star to launch the revival. But for 19-year-old Mendes, it was a clip of Pearl Jam performing on the show in 1992 that got him hooked on the concept - even if it took place years before he entered the world. The last Unplugged performance was in 2014 and featured Miley Cyrus.

The series - which was originally released in 1989 and has featured artists such as Mariah Carey, Tony Bennett, Shakira, and Nirvana - aims to showcase musicians who play acoustic instruments. (Mendes might not be this generation's Springsteen, but who knows what will emerge from the ashes of Vine next.) In its rebooted form (which the network is calling the "2.0 version", according to Variety), Unplugged guest artists will play venues that hold specific meaning-like "I always wanted to play Carnegie Hall", MTV's Amani Duncan told Variety.

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MTV's reboot and revival streak continues: the network is bringing back its iconic '90s musical performance series MTV Unplugged. Adds Duncan: "At MTV, the brand equity is still so strong". "MTV Unplugged Shawn Mendes" is scheduled to air on September 8.

Shawn Mendes already rules the radio, and now he's bringing his catchy, chart-topping songs to television in a whole new way. Chris Choun, Lee Lodge and Jen Jones will also Executive Produce.