Jon Snow Theories Turn Into Explosive Reveals in 'Eastwatch'

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Arya basically suggests to Sansa that she should threaten to behead any men who betray Jon, but Sansa's not having it. Their mission is to capture a White Walker and bring it to King's Landing as unequivocal proof that these killers are more problematic foes than dragons and narcissistic queens.

With Game of Thrones going full dragon apocalypse last week there was an obvious danger episode five would be a damp squib by comparison. As King in the North, Jon would likely have the ability to legitimize Gendry as a Baratheon, just as Cersei did for Ramsay Bolton a while back.

Well, it seems one of the most popular theories has been confirmed in this this week's episode. We'll just have to wait and see what happens in the next three episodes of the season... That child is now Jon Snow, King of the North. Luckily, HBO released a slew of still images from last night's episode (which you can find above), and one of them focused on Gendry's incredible weapon.

The adventures beyond the Wall next week should provide the traditional eye-opening moment for the season.

Although Sam didn't catch on to the true significance of that revelation, since he totally (and rudely) interrupted Gilly before she could name the other woman in question, the audience did, sending them into a frenzy (we've included a few Twitter reactions below).

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When Jaime tells her about his meeting with Tyrion she says, "never betray me again", which is definitely a threat, and might make Jaime reconsider where his loyalties lie.

It was revealed that The Hound, Beric Dondarrion, and Thoros of Myr have all ended up in Eastwatch with Tormund Giantsbane.

Episode five of Game of Thrones was broadcast in the USA on Sunday night, and simulcast with the UK.

Even though Daenerys is doing anything a decent player would do at war, Tyrion expects her to exercise restraint. Like Game of Thrones was ever really gonna kill them.

Still, one of the most epic moments (other than Gendry's re-entry) was of course how Sam Tarly interrupted Gilly while she was nearly revealing the most pivotal fan theories confirmed-significant truth - how Rhaegar Targaryen got secretly married to "someone", after annulling his marriage.