This is one cat video that Royals fans will hate

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In the sixth inning of the Royals' 8-5 loss Wednesday to the Cardinals, a young cat appeared to come out somewhere past the Royals dugout and dashed to center field.

"It's unbelievable", Molina said.

As Royals' pitcher Peter Moylan threw in a pitch in the bottom of the sixth with the bases loaded, a cat blasted onto the field, reported.

The cat made it all the way to the center-field wall before Lucas Hackmann, a member of the grounds crew, collected it. Hackmann was bitten a few times as he ran the cat into the stands.

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After the cat was removed from the game, Moylan's next pitch to Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina was hit into the left-field stands for a grand slam.

Cardinals first baseman Matt Carpenter, who was standing at second base as the cat pranced into the outfield, was convinced Molina was going to do something big after the delay.

It immediately inspired memories of the famous Rally Squirrel, which notably bounded across home plate during a Skip Schumaker at-bat in Game 4 of the 2011 NLDS against the Phillies. I thought there was a streaker on the field, to be honest.

With their fifth straight win, the Cardinals are apparently "feline pretty good" right about now. They are now tied with the Brewers and 1.5 games behind the Cubs. Cain didn't move a muscle and the cat ran past him. Jason Hammel will be on the mound for the Royals and Lance Lynn makes the start for the Cardinals. The Cardinals won that game, too.